Online Jobs for Teenagers

Online Jobs for Teenagers – Best Online Job for Teens.

The world is changing at light speed and more teenagers are earning good income with online jobs.

In the past, if you wanted to earn a bit of extra cash you got a paper round, or opened a lemonade stand, but today there are many opportunities to earn money online.

Finding online jobs for teens can be difficult and exhausted. However, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort then an online job for teens can be far more lucrative in the long run – and maybe even turn into a career!

Some of the popular online jobs for teens are listed below:

Paid Surveys: Get paid to answer online surveys is one of the best free and easy way to make extra money online. The thought of sitting at home, putting on some music and getting paid to answer a few questions is certainly an attractive one, but is it really possible to make money that way?

Online survey jobs” are certainly a legitimate way of making money online – they aren’t scams and you do get paid for answering surveys and sharing your opinions.

The returns from taking online surveys for cash aren’t great, but if you’re looking for a risk-free and very easy way of making some extra money then they are a good option to start with.

The downside is that this is not a long term career move, and it’s not something you could put on your CV either. Think of it as the online equivalent of a paper round!

Article writing – Get Paid to Write Articles

This is another common option for teenagers looking to make some extra money.

This involves creating content, such as blog posts or reviews, for a website. The topic could be anything depending on the type of website that the owner runs. Article writers are usually paid by the word, although it’s also possible to get an hourly rate for some jobs.

If you’re a native English speaker with good writing skills then this is probably one of the best online jobs for teens. You can read this article ” freelance writing jobs ” for more details about online writing jobs.

The great thing about article writing is not only one of the high paying jobs for teenagers but,  it can potentially be a long term career move. If you love writing, or like the thought of becoming a journalist or other paid writer, then writing articles for other websites is a good way of building up a portfolio and reputation while getting paid at the same time.

The downside is that it is a highly competitive market, so to get started you’ll probably need to price yourself very low in order to start getting some writing jobs. As you become better known for your articles – assuming you always do a good job – then you can start to raise prices.

If article writing sounds like a good option as an online job for teens, then you are in luck. We are looking for native English speakers who have command over the language and can write for us. Also another way to get started with as a content writer is to post an advert on an online forum for website owners.

The advert doesn’t have to be anything special, and you can be honest about offering a low price to get started.

Have a look at other adverts to see how other writers are attracting business. Just make sure you do this in the right section, as some forums ban members who post adverts!

Writing Products Reviews – can you write a review of the products and services that you are using?

If you can write a detailed product review then let us know. There are a number of other types of online job for teenagers. Some websites pay people to write reviews of products that they’ve owned or used, and while the payments are usually small this is a relatively easy way to get some quick cash.

It’s important to be honest though – “writing product review” sites won’t accept your review if you’ve never actually used the product before. It’s also possible to get an online typing job, such as transcribing audio or video.

This pays less than an article writing job, as it requires less skill and research, but is a far easier job to get started with.

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