Jobs for 17 Year Olds

Jobs for 17 Year Olds

Teenagers these days have a lot of good jobs for 17 year olds to choose from which isn’t something surprising because in the previous years and even in the past, young people wanted to be more independent and earn their own money without having to ask from parents. Check this post for more “online jobs for teenagers“.

One of the good jobs for 17 year olds that you can try is represented by the paper round. You have probably seen the scene of a young boy riding his bicycle and delivering the newspapers to the people in his neighborhood. No matter if you’re a boy or a girl, you could easily do this too and get a bit of money out of it.

All the good jobs for 15 year olds involve no more than 5 or even 4 hours of work every day which means that teenagers need to apply for them for the weekends or during the holidays otherwise they won’t be allowed to do this kind of work.

On the other hand, similar good jobs for 17 year olds consist in giving out flyers with various advertisements for different brands that just opened up a store in your area. You only need to pick out the locations where you will give out the flyers in order to get a lot of people take them from you. This way, you won’t need to spend a lot of hours in the same place because you can move around as much as you can.

Other good jobs for 17 year olds are babysitting. If you like children and you want to earn some money as well, you could apply for this kind of jobs as long as the parents of the children are able to trust you and consider you responsible enough.

There are much more good jobs for 17 year olds that you could try, one of them is actually represented by being your own employer. You could start your own small business by selling various stuff that you make by yourself. If you have a special talent at something, you could give it a go and try to sell them to people.

Selling orange juice is also one of the good jobs for 17 year olds and the best part of it is that you can choose your own hours when you stay at your table and sell. Those of you who know how to play an instrument could try and sing in a public space. Although this might not be one of your regular good jobs for 17 year olds it’s still a good way of making money. Another recommended job for 17 year olds is: babysitting jobs.

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  1. Need a job please help I am a senior in high school &&’ I find it hard being a 17 year old wanting a Job because of my age … usually theyll hire someone that is 18 or older ..

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