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This website is all about online jobs for teenagers. If you are 15 or 16 year olds and looking for join then consider some online jobs. Online jobs for teenagers are free to join and do.

I have created this blog to help teenagers who are looking for some ways to make extra money online. Being a teenager myself, I understand how important a few bucks become sometimes.

https://www.jobsforteenager.com aims to be an authoritative and helpful service for the parents of teens who are looking into the legal ability/requirements for their teenager son or daughter to work outside of the home.  14, in most states, is the first legal age where any outside employment is legally possible, other than farm or agrarian work (check with your local cities, county, or state laws if this situation applies to you).

This site from time to time may post third party jobs listings and or advertisements from third parties offering job information, opportunities, or education that may be pertinent to our audience, however we do not personally offer any employment at this time. We are merely an education site for parents and teenagers to understand the complicated, yet exciting world of employment.

Minors (and their parents, grandparents, or other legal guardians) should be especially weary of online jobs scams, particularly any program that requires that they enter a credit card or other financial information. No real job will EVER make you do this.

Thanks for stopping by, and best of luck as you begin the exciting journey towards working!  Remember, school should always come first and graduation is more important than any work experience for teens.



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